Probe HubSpot integration has a few functionalities.

First, it allows you to synchronise certain HubSpot Customer/Company attributes to Probe account. You can then segment any of your metrics by these attributes.

Second, you can display Probe data within HubSpot interface. If there is a link between HubSpot Customer/Company and Probe Customer, we will show a CRM card next to HubSpot object with Current MRR, Lifetime Value and Date of last subscription.

Setting up

To connect Probe to HubSpot simply click on your avatar in top right corner and click "Connect data". Then click on HubSpot card. You will be redirected to HubSpot where you have to authorise Probe application. After that you will be redirected back to "Data sources" page.

After this is done you have to define where you keep your "Customer ID" attribute. Customer ID is an attribute that uniquely identifies your customer within your system. This way we can accurately connect HubSpot Customers/Companies to Probe Customers.

CRM cards

After successful setup you will be able to see SaaS details of a Customer/Company within HubSpot. These details are presented life from Probe.

Segmenting metrics

You will also have the ability to segment any chart by attributes within HubSpot. Attributes are fetched to Probe and attached to respective Customers.

To set it up please contact support.